Sunday, April 13, 2014

Are You A Smart Credit Card User?

There are basically three kinds of credit card users.

1. People who use them for daily expenses.

2. People who use them for impulse purchases.

3. People who use them only in emergencies.

You can probably read these three things and immediately determine what kind of credit card user you are. Some people are smart about how they use their credit cards while others could do a better job of that.

In this article let's look at a handful of tips that can help you become a smart credit card user.

1. Limit the number of cards you carry. Because of the stiff competition between banks to increase the number of credit card customers they have, they make very attractive offers either on television or through direct mail.

It's tempting when you get a credit card offer in the mail that says you're preapproved for a new Visa or MasterCard with a $5,000 limit. Consider how many credit card you have right now before deciding to sign up for another one.

2. Look at the features. If you have good credit history you can probably qualify for some unbelievable offers in the marketplace today.

These could include no annual fee or 0% introductory interest rate offer. They also could include a free balance transfer, or reward points such as cash back or airline miles.

In some instances the offer could be better than the card you are currently carrying, but you should take a look at the long term ramifications of adding a new card. Sometimes the terms and conditions might not be as attractive as they seem, such as a higher interest rate once the introductory offer ends.

Being a smart credit card user means holding yourself accountable for purchases that you make, and in carrying the best credit card offer for your personal situation. This is something anyone can do thanks to Internet research.

Ways To Rebuild Your Credit History With Credit Cards

People damage their credit history in all kinds of ways. The most common include late payments, missed payments, debt consolidation programs, and bankruptcy. These things can all happen due to poor financial decisions, or in some cases to things beyond the control of the credit card user.

This has led to a whole market of millions of people that need to rebuild their credit. There are several things you can do to go about rebuilding your credit and improving your credit score, but in this article we will focus on how you can do that with credit cards.

1. Secured credit cards. This is the most common form of credit cards that are issued to people who have bad credit. There are numerous advantages that come with having a secured credit card.

They are easy to get, and many cases they are the only option when compared to unsecured credit cards.

You open accounts at the bank that is going be issue the secured card.  The bank will set a credit limit on your new card which can be the full amount or a percentage of your deposit based on their terms of agreement.

The secured credit card comes with a Visa or MasterCard logo so you can use it just like a regular credit card. It's important that you make your credit card payments on time or even early.

2. Retail credit cards. These are easier to qualify for then an unsecured credit card as well.

If you like to shop at a particular outlet such as a Macy's or JC Penny you can apply directly for a retail card with that store. Although you are limited to making purchases at that store, or other stores in the chain owned by the corporation owning it, your purchases are reported to credit bureaus so they can begin to improve your credit history when you make your payments on time.

Citi Airlines Miles Card Features and Benefits

Frequent flyer programs are one of the features associated with some current credit card reward programs. You can quickly use the Internet to research various offers to find the best one for your needs.

Pay close attention to which airline credit card will provide you easy ticket purchases with customer service available if you need it.

Airline-sponsored credit cards allow you deal with a single airline. These cards allow you to make everyday purchases and accrue airline miles in the process.

One of the most popular airline miles credit card is Citi Airlines Miles Cards due to their outstanding features and benefits. They are listed below:

- Earn huge advantages: you can earn one advantage mile for every dollar spent on purchases.

- Bonus of 30,000 miles upon approval: the moment the card is issued on your name, you will be able to enjoy this bonus.

- Check in first bag for free: this offer is available for you and other extra 4 companions of yours.

- 10% of all redeemed miles to be refunded back each year. This is a huge benefit indeed, because you can save up to $1,000 every new year when travelling by plane.

- Annual fee of $95: this is quite low compared to other similar cards.

- Priority boarding.

- $100 discount for an American Airlines flight after spending $30,000.

- 25% discount on in-flight purchases.

- APR of between 13% and 22% depending on your credit score and history. Some balance transfers may benefit of limited time offers, allowing you to save up to 100%. In other words, you will be charged with only a maximum of 3% fee.

- Save hundreds of dollars on a yearly basis.

-- Affiliate to Bank of America: Citi Airlines Miles Cards are issued with the support of Bank of America, which makes them safe and risk-free.